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Photography: It could be worth millions

If you find it on the internet than it must be free.  How wrong is that! It’s about time that photographers get the respect they deserve and their photographs receive the value that they deserve. Copyright infringement plaintiffs are entitled to recover actual damages or statutory damages.  Here are some ways those damages are computed.

Five Things You Should Know About Trademarks

Our good friend Steve Schlackman has a great post over at Art Law Journal on trademarks. As Steve notes, many companies don’t register their trademarks during the start-up phase, usually waiting until a later time when sufficient cash is available, if registered at all. That decision is a bit of a gamble. In reality, businesses

Why we dismissed our case against Getty Images

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, our firm dismissed the case against Getty Images.  The dismissal was in response to a “Covenant Not to Sue” that Getty Images provided to our firm that says that, contrary to their first letter, they will not sue us for copyright infringement.  The “Covenant Not to Sue” Getty provided was a guarantee

Schneider Rothman gives back to support KidSafe®

KidSafe® Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2009 by Sally Berenzweig MEd, MA and Cherie Benjoseph LCSW – child safety experts, mental health professionals, educators, authors, public speakers, and moms on a mission to keep all children safe from child abuse, bullying and internet dangers. Schneider Rothman IP Law Group supports KidSafe® in a special

Design Patent Infringement on Contingency: A Winning Combination to the Ordinary Observer

Design patents are misunderstood and under-utilized.  But that is changing.  The last few years have seen a significant shift, favoring the design patent owner, on evaluating design patent infringement.  That shift was capped off by the case of Apple v. Samsung, a case that breathed new life into design patents by awarding damages against Samsung

6 Factors We Consider for Copyright Infringement Contingency Litigation

Copyright infringement claims are challenging for an attorney to accept on contingency.  Proving damages for copyright infringement can be a daunting task.  That is one reason why the Copyright Act makes statutory damages available as an alternative to actual damages. When a lawyer takes a case on contingency he is investing his time, energy and