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A Brief Survey of the Food Safety Modernization Act

Editor’s Note: This article is written by contributing writer Shafiel A. Karim Earlier this year, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA), which amends various portions of the United States Code relating to FDA’s powers to detain and regulate domestic and imported food products.  While the law was primarily drafted to grant the

2010 Supplement Law and Business Predictions

2009 was an incredible year for the dietary supplement industry.  While the rest of American business floundered amidst the depths of a recession, the dietary supplement business thrived.  Americans concerned about maintaining their good health stocked up on supplements by the shopping cartful. In a year when initial public offerings and acquisitions were almost unheard

Drug agencies plays ‘gopher bash’ with steroids

The first paragraph in the New York Times story said it all: “The Drug Enforcement Administration has classified as controlled substances three steroids that are marketed as dietary supplements, but an antidoping official warned that new steroids have taken their place on the shelves of nutrition stores.” The DEA’s actions are the equivalent of the

Twelve Indicted in Nationwide Anabolic Steroids Probe

An indictment was unsealed Jan. 22nd charging 12 defendants, including three owners of a pharmacy and four pharmacists, with participating in a conspiracy that dispensed and sold thousands of dosages of anabolic steroids – including powerful veterinary steroids approved for animal use only – to users throughout the United States, announced DEA Resident Agent in