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Irwin Naturals Announces California Settlement of Investigation into Mislabeling and False Advertising

Below is a press release issued by Irwin Naturals about its settlement of an investigation into its mislabeling and falsely advertising some of its products under California Law: Irwin Naturals, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of natural dietary and herbal supplements, announces that it has reached a settlement with a California task force that

FDA Commissioner Attempts to Curb Regulated Drug Use in Nutritional Supplements

With an ongoing rise in nutritional supplements containing chemicals regulated as drugs, the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration recently sent a letter to all manufacturers of dietary supplements reminding them of their concern of this matter and their plans to reduce the problem. The purpose of the letter is stated as to “address

Don’t overlook “tail liability insurance” coverage in M&A transactions

Guest Post: Greg Doherty of Poms & Associates Insurance  Deals in the supplement space are heating up.  That’s why it’s important to remember to pay attention to details like Extended Reporting Provision (“ERP”) or “tail” coverage options available in insurance policies that can protect the business going forward in the event of claims. Liability insurance

McCain supplement bill more about pro sports than public safety

To understand why Sen. John McCain introduced a bill on dietary supplements, read the press releases. The legislation announced Feb. 3  addresses public safety, but mostly it’s about the reputation and revenue of professional and Olympic sports. The evidence: McCain says in the release that “a little over a year ago the NFL suspended six

What marketing draws the ire of the FDA?

Marketers of nutritional supplements often complain that they do not know what the FDA wants. Even after the agency sends a warning letter about misleading claims and advertising, its staff does not explain what would fall within the rules. That’s the reality; the FDA will tell you what’s wrong, not what’s right. Through warning letters,

2010 Supplement Law and Business Predictions

2009 was an incredible year for the dietary supplement industry.  While the rest of American business floundered amidst the depths of a recession, the dietary supplement business thrived.  Americans concerned about maintaining their good health stocked up on supplements by the shopping cartful. In a year when initial public offerings and acquisitions were almost unheard