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Angela M. Nieves

Angela’s experience as a professional musician in the South Florida area and later as a translator in Spanish-language broadcast television gave rise to her interest in intellectual property matters. She graduated summa cum laude from St. Thomas College of Law with a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, earning numerous awards for academic accomplishments, and authoring three articles – on trademarks, cyber insurance, and facial recognition technology – that have been published by leading law journals.

Prior to joining SRIPLAW, Angela interned for Chief Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn at the Northern District of Texas in Dallas, and worked in intellectual property as well as commercial litigation firms in the South Florida area. Angela currently represents plaintiffs in copyright and trademark matters. Backed by the amazing support staff at SRIPLAW, Angela has spearheaded large trademark, copyright, and patent infringement cases against hundreds of foreign counterfeiters, as well as individual copyright claims for independent artists in the U.S. and abroad. She is passionate about IP rights and the role they play in our everyday lives.

In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time with her husband, especially when it involves travel or a nice glass of wine.

Angela M. Nieves
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