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AHPA_LogoThe AHPA is sponsoring what looks like a great seminar on the new food allergen labeling requirements we previously discussed on Nutrisuplaw here. It looks like a great lineup. The speakers and the topics they will address are as follows:

* Anthony Young, Esq, Kleinfeld, Kaplan and Becker, LLC,& AHPA’s Legal Council, will discuss the law, its history and the significance of compliance from a legal and regulatory perspective.

* Robert S. Donofrio, MS, NSF International, will outline various testing methods for the allergens listed in the law, and teach how to set up testing and compliance program within your company.

* Mary Hardy, MD, Cedar Sinai, UCLA, with her extensive training in botanical and western medicines, will give a clinical perspective on the risks of food allergens and the risk of non-compliance.

* Rhonda Kane, MS, RD, FDA, will review “FDA’s Q & A on the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act”, which she co-authored.

* Robert J. Moore, PhD, FDA, will be available for audience questions about compliance and FDA enforcement of the new law.

Other topics will include:

* The origin and rationale of the new law.

* Compliance deadlines.

* The major food allergens required to be labeled.

* The petition and notification process for exemption from food allergen labeling requirements.

* Proper labeling of major food allergens present in dietary supplements.

You can register online or by fax. For the registration form, click here. For more information,
click here
for the AHPA press release.


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