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A segment on the Today Show this morning saw Katy Couric questioning two women about the new Brazilian diet pills they had been taking. Apparently, the women tested positive for amphetamines on a pre-employment drug test. The women were shrouded in darkness to protect their identities. In the studio a doctor commented generally about the dangers of dietary supplements. I couldn’t find any material on the Today site, but here’s more info from Diet-Blog.

During the segment the physician interviewed suggested that instead of dietary supplements, women seeking weight loss should see their doctors for prescription medication because it was safer. Yes, you heard it here first. Prescription weight loss medication is safer than the over-the-counter variety. Of course, the M.D. failed to mention the safety issues that led the FDA to pull the “phen-fen” combination and Redux off the market. Instead, he simply parroted warnings about high blood pressure and increased heart rate linked to ephedra that could lead to heart attack and stroke.

I would love to see some real factual support concerning the relative safety of prescription weight loss medication versus dietary supplements. If such information exists, please send it my way. Meanwhile, how about a little diet and exercise?


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