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logo1cIn the last 24 hours, FDA has issued two press releases on supplement issues, one concerns another ephedra seizure, and a second warns (albeit belatedly) about brazilian diet pills.


In this press release, the FDA reports that at its request the U.S. Marshals seized five unlabeled boxes containing various quantities of Lipodrene bottles from ATF Fitness Products, Inc. in Oakmont, PA. Each bottle of Lipodrene contains 100 tablets and is labeled with the recommended daily dose of 50 mg of ephedrine alkaloids. The seized products are valued at approximately $16,000. U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania filed a Complaint for Forfeiture against the Lipodrene supplement.

Health Supplement Retailer reports that ATF markets its Sci-Fit Nutrition and Nature’s Science lines via its online Web site at www.scifitauthentic.com and various online supplement retailers.

Brazilian Diet Pills

Better late than never, FDA has issued this warning to consumers not to use two unapproved drug products that are being marketed as dietary supplements for weight loss. Emagrece Sim Dietary Supplement, also known as the Brazilian Diet Pill and Herbathin Dietary Supplement may contain several active ingredients, including controlled substances, found in prescription drugs that could lead to serious side effects or injury. We reported on this story when it appeared 3 months ago.


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