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 Google said on Nov. 12 that it had acquired Gizmo5, a young firm that makes software for Internet telephony. According to MediaPost, Google plans to integrate Gizmo5 into Google Voice, a one-number-for-all system for linking cell, home and work phones.

What’s the significance? One Wall Street analyst said that Google is now in a better position to take on Skype.

OK, but what about boosting Droid? The phone and Google operating Android system are Web friendly. If I am a college kid in Europe and I find a free, open Wi-Fi spot, wouldn’t I prefer to use that no-cost connection than dial home and pay overseas charges? And if I had an phone app for VOIP, wouldn’t I prefer to dial or text through a Droid phone than boot up the laptop and open videoconferencing software?

And if that is not how Droid works now, how long before it does?