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This article titled Big problem for BioStratum describes how the active ingredient in this company’s drug (now in Phase II trials) is available for purchase on the Internet as a nutritional supplement. The drug, Pyridorin, has an active ingredient of pyridoxamine. Pyridoxamine is derived from Vitamin B6. The article says that the compound is available for purchase on the Internet. I found it for sale in bulk here.I also found a press release touting an alternative derived from B6 here.

As the article notes, if pyridoxamine was available for sale as a dietary supplement prior to the passage of DSHEA, BioStratum could have some serious problems enforcing whatever intellectual property rights it may have to Pyridorin. BioStratum has requested that the FDA rule on the status of pyridoxamine, and it has made a preliminary determination that the substance is not grandfathered in under DSHEA. Comments are open until Dec. 19, 2005, if you wish to weigh in on the matter.


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