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Back in September we reported on FTC action against companies allegedly selling bogus cancer cures.  To read our original post, click here.

The FTC press release page on this matter lists the actions and contains links to the case files for each.  Among the cases is one entitled In the Matter of Daniel Chapter One, a corporation, and James Feijo, individually, and as an officer of Daniel Chapter One, Docket No. 9329, File No. 082 3085.

This particular case is worth watching as the respondent, Daniel Chapter One, claims to be a church.  This “healing ministry” follows the “unique principles of BioMolecular Nutrition supplements” used to help “the intense athlete as well as the seriously ill.”

Daniel Chapter One founders, Jim and Trish Fiejo, have firmly planted themselves in the center of the “Health Freedom” movement with a Health Freedom Fight website where you can listen to their radio program and contribute to their legal defense by buying a t-shirt.

The Natural Health News has joined in with a piece entitled “Tyrannical FTC Threatens Christian Church with Imprisonment for Selling Dietary Supplements.” Will the FTC be derailed in its efforts to prosecute a supplement company by the First Amendment’s separation of church and state?  Stay tuned…


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