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Our client Infomedia has introduced My App Creator, a complete turnkey system that anyone can use to create their own iPhone app and have it placed before tens of millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners in the Apple iTunes AppStore!

If you are an author, speaker, entertainer, musician, athlete, business or anyone else that could use a presence in the AppStore, this is the solution you have been waiting for!  Imagine being able to create your own app populated with your blog, twitter feed, audios & videos, calendar or events and more content.

Choose from one of My App Creator’s standard templates or apply your own custom design to your app.   Once complete, the App gets uploaded to the iTunes AppStore for you. You don’t even need to apply or pay for an iPhone developer account.

Custom iPhone application development can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. But My App Creator has created a robust service with pricing so affordable that there are now no barriers to entry.

So what do you need to create your own app?

1) A news feed. Basically, this is your blog. As long as you create content regularly, it will work in your iPhone app.

2) A Twitter feed. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be using it to grow your network and enhance your brand. Imagine your app users being able to access your most current tweets.

3) Media. This can be audio or video. If you create these they can easily be placed into your app!

That’s it!

Note to readers: The link in this post will make us money because we have an affiliate relationship with Infomedia.  However, if you like this blog, and like My App Creator, then by all means, please use it.  We plan to do so ourselves soon, and when we do we will report back and let you know how it goes.


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