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Your’s truly is featured in a front page article in today’s National Law Journal by Jenna Greene entitled “Rule Reversal: Obama’s agencies after one year.”  The article provides a look at six key regulatory areas since Obama took office.

On the topic of the FDA and regulation of dietary supplements, I am quoted as saying:

“The fear was a Democratic administration was going to be 180-degrees different…But the measures taken have not approached the sort of draconian response a lot of folks in the industry feared.  That’s not to say things didn’t tighten, they did.”

David Ettinger of Keller and Heckman

David Ettinger Food Law Expert

Also quoted is food law expert (and college chum) David Ettinger of Keller and Heckman in DC.

Unfortunately, the link requires a subscription, but a 30 day trial is available.  To read the full article, click here.


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