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If you are an attorney, there is probably a good chance that you have seen apps in one of the App Stores that provide full text cases and statutes. But there are only a few app developers that go beyond just simple text or PDF online documents. PushLegal is one of those developers. Co-Founded by Alex Torry and Jonathan Paull, a Houston based civil and criminal trial attorney, “PushLegal’s mission is to be the go-to legal reference whenever a lawyer needs information fast.” [1] PushLegal’s app includes more than 30 mobile “deskbooks”, covering the most frequently referenced federal statutes as well as those from Texas, California, Florida, Delaware, and New York. Alex Torry, tells me that one of the big advantages of the PushLegal’s app, is that unlike others of its kind, it provides not just the text of the rule, but also how the rule is interpreted. When reading a statute, readers will also find summaries of the seminal cases discussing the rule along with intext hyperlinks to more readings on Google Scholar.

The app is simple to use. To review a statute you select the deskbook, then drill down to any statute or alternatively, use the search tool which finds information by either code or keyword. The whole library is available on the app but to help you find information more easily, frequently used material can be displayed on a virtual bookshelf. The app is specially formatted for use on mobile devices, optimized to make it easy for scanning and reading text on the small screen.

PushLegal is free for 30-days, but after that there is a subscription fee of $29.95 per month or $299 for the entire year (that saves $60).  For students, it’s free as long as you have an .edu email address.  The trial version has full access to all of the deskbooks so you will really be able to test it out.  For a list of books that the app includes, click here. There are iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. It’s always up-to-date, and a lot easier than trying to find statutes on the web. If you are a litigator, this app will really make your life easier.

For more, go to PushLegal.com

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