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Ric Hobby - VP Govt. & Industry Affairs, Herbalife Europe

Ric Hobby - VP Govt. & Industry Affairs, Herbalife Europe

Ric Hobby spoke at the CRN Conference last week on the state of international supplement regulation with a particular focus on European regulatory efforts.  Ric directed most of his talk on the work of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations, of which CRN is a member.

The three European issues where IADSA has been most involved are:
* Maximum levels of vitamins and minerals
* Claims
* Botanicals
Ric referred to the “claims” issue as a “raving nightmare.”  The claims process requires review and approval for all claims by the European Foods Safety Authority.  Under the current process even “established” claims for supplements are being rejected by EFSA.

Ric also highlighted IADSA’s popular publications it produces and distributes including a very useful one entitled “The Scientific Substantiation of Health Claims” featured here.  You can download the guide by clicking on it.


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