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There was a ton of buzz this past week about the article by David Epstein and George Dohrmann in Sports Illustrated entitled “What You Don’t Know Might Kill You.” Even my Dad emailed it to me.

The criticism of supplements by SI is flawed in so many respects. Steve Mister of CRN pointed out many of the mistakes made by SI in his response at the CRN website here. I won’t repeat all his observations here. Please go to CRN’s website and read them yourself.

We read the article around here and concluded it was just more old news.   Since articles about performing enhancing drug (PED) are tired, sportswriters appear to be looking for the next big story. From the SI article it looks like they should go back to writing about PEDs. Athletes and their trainers know what works and what doesn’t. What’s banned and what’s not.

The article lacked a forward-looking angle, such as changing FDA rules or requiring manufacturers to test their products at independent labs.

Also, there was nothing about the value of traditional supplement use.  Scientific evidence supporting the use of dietary supplements to reduce the risk of disease is growing.

Meanwhile, over 70% of doctors now recommend dietary supplements to their patients.  Probably most of the SI reporters and editors take a multivitamin daily, but no mention of that in the article.


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