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App Store entry Cannabis discovers nearby cannabis-related institutions and organizations in your state as well as links to legal coffee shops abroad.  The program carries a $2.99 price tag (App Store link) and is rated 12+.

Cannabis simply discovers nearby stores that legally carry marijuana supplies for medical purposes, and only in U.S. states where marijuana is legalized. The program will also find locations to other cannabis-related institutions, like clinics, attorneys, cooperatives, etc. You can search by city and ZIP code, bookmark listings, add bookmarks to contacts, etc.

Ajnag (Ganja spelled backwards), the developer behind this app, plans to add marijuana-related news, videos, and reviews in future updates. The application is a location-based service that takes the known locations of medical collectives, doctors, clinics, and organizations from three sources and aggregates them on a Google Map. When you activate the app, it will determine your location and provide you with the nearest location where you can acquire marijuana.

According to Cannabisapps.com, AJNAG.com “will donate 50 cents for every ‘Cannabis’ purchase to a cannabis non-profit reform fund, which will be setup once the application reaches 1,000 subscriptions.”


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