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We chose Joel (and his team) in August 2015 to help us resolve an Intellectual Property dispute with another company. Our first impressions were that he was easy to contact, easy to talk to and he gave some good recommendations and advice before we decided to take him on. He did seem to know what he was talking about which impressed us and gave us the confidence to proceed. Things moved on quite swiftly and after about 9 weeks we had an out of court settlement to our satisfaction – Job done!

No one could ever say that a good lawyer is cheap, but the words “Good Value” would be appropriate in this case.

As we are a UK company not based in the US, it did seem a little daunting at first to try and find the right US lawyer in this field of work. There are plenty of lawyers coming up on searches and you only have reviews and gut feeling to go on sometimes. Reviews are effectively recommendations, and this is how we came to Joel. He certainly lived up to our expectations.

We consider Joel to be our US lawyer now, and would not hesitate in contacting him again if anything similar needs to be confronted.

Good value and speedy resolution.