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Schneider Rothman secures settlement for infringement of Jumble patent

Schneider Rothman secures settlement for infringement of Jumble patent

Schneider Rothman Intellectual Property Law Group has obtained a settlement for a client who claimed patent infringement against one of the nation’s largest media companies and against publishers of electronic games. As part of the settlement, one of the defendants, UClick, now displays on Web pages for “Jumble” the fact that the word game involving

Art World News reports Schneider Rothman lawsuit on behalf of painter’s agency

The November-December 2013 issue of Art World News reports that Schneider Rothman Intellectual Property Group has sued three major companies on behalf of the representative of work by painter Alexei Butirskly. The publication says that Thomas Charles Editions filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Getty Images, Yankee Candle and Bed Bath & Beyond. The lawsuit

Design patent infringement suit against Gillette filed by Schneider Rothman IP Law Group over Duracell charger

Schneider Rothman IP Law Group has filed its second patent infringement suit for Voltstar Technologies in U.S. district court, this time against The Gillette Co., targeting Gillette’s Duracell brand.  The suit claims that Gillette is selling an electrical charger plug that copies the patented exterior design of Voltstar’s charger. Voltstar employees had invented the charger’s

Schneider Rothman IP Law Group files copyright infringement suit against Yankee Candle, Getty Images and Bed Bath & Beyond

The painting “Autumn Leaves” by respected Russian artist Alexei Butirskiy adorns Yankee Candles sold in its stores and at Bed Bath & Beyond. The original work depicts a line of trees whose leaves are turning bright orange and falling to the ground under a misty sky, an image well-suited to a scented candle called “November

Palm Beach Post reports on Schneider Rothman client winning injunction in copyright lawsuit

The Palm Beach Post reports a news update on a copyright infringement lawsuit that Schneider Rothman IP Law Group filed on behalf of a real estate photographer. The Post says that a federal judge  granted a motion for a preliminary injunction on behalf of Affordable Aerial Photography Inc. against defendants Michael Nicklaus and Golden Bear

Schneider Rothman IP Law Group files patent infringement suit against for Kindle charger design

Jerold I. Schneider, a partner at Schneider Rothman IP Law Group, has filed a patent infringement suit in U.S. District Court in Chicago on behalf of Voltstar Technologies. The suit claims that online retailer Inc. copied the design of Voltstar’s electrical charger plug for its hugely popular Kindle e-reader products. Voltstar’s patent protects the