SRIPLAW’s Joel Rothman quoted in BuzzFeed News

An article on BuzzFeed News entitled Stolen Artwork Is All Over Amazon — And Creators Want The Company To Do Something About It  quotes SRIPLAW partner Joel Rothman extensively on issues of infringement and policing of unauthorized use of images.

Happy Public Domain!

Ring in the new year and ring in the public domain! Click here.  After a twenty year hiatus, tomorrow will finally see the 95 year long copyrights of works released in 1923 expire. These 1923 films, books and songs will effectively be the first to enter the public...

2018 in U.S. Copyright

Pohl v. Officite: Are photographs utilitarian and therefore unoriginal or uncreative under § 102? Photos of Belinda’s teeth the Court determined to be unoriginal and uncreative  [T]his Court finds that the photos fall into a class of photographs that federal...
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