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Your editor, dietary supplement regulatory attorney Joel Rothman, and seasoned supplement industry regulatory consultant Vincent Annunziata, in cooperation with the law firm of Seiden, Alder, Matthewman & Bloch, P.A., have announced the formation of a new FDA regulatory consultancy for small to medium size dietary supplement companies, Nutritional Supplement Compliance Solutions, LLC and the launch of its website at nutricompliance.com.

“The challenges facing small to medium sized supplement firms are significant and growing,” said Joel Rothman, President of NutriCompliance. “New regulatory requirements for adverse event reporting (AER) and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are forcing supplement firms to take on new and greater responsibilities they may not have the resources internally to manage. NutriCompliance helps small to medium sized companies “bridge the gap” and meet the demands of today’s expanded regulatory environment.”

Annunziata is a supplement industry veteran whose regulatory experience includes work for industry giants like Life Extension Foundation and Jarrow Formulas. “NutriCompliance provides a platform for us to serve the needs of small to medium sized supplement companies to help solve their regulatory challenges,” said Annunziata. “Whether it is FDA compliance, FTC review, or any other regulatory issue, NutriCompliance has the experience and strength to assist its clients to successfully address these challenges.”

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, NutriCompliance serves nutritional and dietary supplement companies with vitamin, mineral, herbal, homeopathic, and proprietary blend products throughout the state and the nation. For more information on the services provided by NutriCompliance, please contact info@nutricompliance.com or call 561-416-0170.


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