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Excellent Attorney for Patent, Trademark and Trade Dress Matters

Mr. Rothman has handled several patent, trademark and trade dress matters for me in the past few years. He resolved each of the matters quickly and economically.

Joel is very knowledgeable and professional. He treats the opposition respectfully and does not engage in unnecessary posturing. His approach defuses emotionally charged situations and creates an environment where rational negotiations can take place. I firmly believe his approach saved my company a great deal of money and cut short what could have been protracted and costly litigation.

Joel is a creative problem solver. He takes the time to listen and fully understand our corporate concerns. The result is a resolution that remedies the immediate problem and also serves our longer term corporate goals.

Over the years, Joel has also provided solid legal advice. Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with, Joel does not simply tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He listens to your proposed course of action and then carefully explains why the approach will or will not work. He has the excellent perspective to see potential problems and suggest ways to avoid them.

While no one enjoys the threat of litigation, knowing that Joel is available to assist makes the threat far less daunting. I highly recommend Joel and his partner, Jerry. Both are true gentlemen and a credit to the legal profession. Thank you both for all your help!

DanielGeneral CounselLarge Merchandising CompanyFlorida