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Rare to find- attorney with so much knowledge on the intricacies of the public domain and your rights

Recommending Joel is the easiest thing I could do- because he was only helpful, well informed and extremely knowledgeable on intellectual property law. A process and a situation that could be so difficult and frustrating, he transformed into a tolerable ordeal. It seemed as though he was always three steps ahead of the other side, defending and fighting for my rights. He was very well versed in all of the copyright laws and the intricacies of the scams that people can engage in on the internet; and was able to explain them to me and my team so that we could be well informed on our rights. He was able to find the needle in the haystack when my case was dependent on it, and he did everything in his power to ensure that justice was served and my property would remain protected. I would not hesitate a second to send anyone who needs a strong, intelligent and dedicated attorney to Joel. And I will not hesitate to ever seek his counsel again if I may need it. Not only have I found a wonderful attorney resource, I now have a friend that always has my back.

Robert, a Copyright Client