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linksWe previously reported here about a study performed by two professors from the College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University, Karen Russo France, Ph.D. and Paula Fitzgerald Bone, Ph.D. on nutritional and dietary supplement labeling. The study results suggested that whether or not a consumer has a preexisting bias either in favor of or against supplements has more impact on supplement label effectiveness than the contents of the labels themselves.

Prof. Bone has graciously sent me links to several other resources on this issue. For a Working Paper presented to the FDA last fall entitled Effects of Strength of Science Disclaimers on the Communication Impacts of Health Claims by Brenda M. Derby and Alan S. Levy, click here. For the report of a project undertaken by the Internations Food Information Council entitled Qualified Health Claims Consumer Research Project, click here. And for an older FTC study, click here.

Thanks Prof. Bone!


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