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2010 Supplement Law and Business Predictions

2010 Supplement Law and Business Predictions

2009 was an incredible year for the dietary supplement industry.  While the rest of American business floundered amidst the depths of a recession, the dietary supplement business thrived.  Americans concerned about maintaining their good health stocked up on supplements by the shopping cartful. In a year when initial public offerings and acquisitions were almost unheard

H1N1 treatments: Harsh warnings in the U.S. and warm support abroad

The rules are different here in the United States. Hyde Park Holistic Center in Cincinnati recently received a warning letter from the Food & Drug Administration that read like many others having to do with nutritional supplements and the H1N1 virus. In China, though, the same admonishment could not be heard. First, the FDA’s message

Drug agencies plays ‘gopher bash’ with steroids

The first paragraph in the New York Times story said it all: “The Drug Enforcement Administration has classified as controlled substances three steroids that are marketed as dietary supplements, but an antidoping official warned that new steroids have taken their place on the shelves of nutrition stores.” The DEA’s actions are the equivalent of the