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Rare to find- attorney with so much knowledge on the intricacies of the public domain and your rights

Recommending Joel is the easiest thing I could do- because he was only helpful, well informed and extremely knowledgeable on intellectual property law. A process and a situation that could be so difficult and frustrating, he transformed into a tolerable ordeal. It seemed as though he was always three steps ahead of the other side, defending and fighting for my rights. He was very well versed in all of the copyright laws and the intricacies of the scams that people can engage in on the internet; and was able to explain them to me and my team so that we could be well informed on our rights. He was able to find the needle in the haystack when my case was dependent on it, and he did everything in his power to ensure that justice was served and my property would remain protected. I would not hesitate a second to send anyone who needs a strong, intelligent and dedicated attorney to Joel. And I will not hesitate to ever seek his counsel again if I may need it. Not only have I found a wonderful attorney resource, I now have a friend that always has my back.
Robert, a Copyright Client

Recommendation for Atty. Joel Benjamin Rothman

We recommend Atty. Joel Rothman based on our experience with him as our lawyer serving a group of investors against an unlawful practice by a real estate company. Throughout the case which lasted for approximately 5 years, Atty. Rothman displayed openness, truthfulness, and sincerity which gained our trust for his handling our case. With his knowledgeable guidance, the case against this company was mediated and eventually settled to our satisfaction. We are thankful and grateful to Atty. Rothman for his successful legal help to our group.
Gloria, an Arbitration Client

Great Legal Job Done By Joel Rothman

Joel Rothman did a great job in our class action lawsuit regarding the Vista cay condominium case. He was very knowledgeable about this type of law and specifically our case. He also did a great job keeping everyone informed of the state of the case with weekly conference calls involving all the plaintiffs in the case. I also liked the fact that Joel was very optomistic about the case. I felt confident that we were going to win some compensation from Pulte Homes.
FRANK, a Class Action Client

Securities/investment fraud case finally settled to our satisfaction

Joel worked on our case for 5 years in a securities/investment fraud case against a real estate developer. It was a complicated case that was drawn out through the court system for about 5 years and at one point about two years into the lawsuit I had just about given up any hope of any type of recovery but Joel kept at it and he was finally able to resolve the case to our satisfaction.
Investment Fraud Client

Highly Recommended

Working with Mr. Rothman was an excellent and professional experience. He and his team were very knowledgeable and effective approaching my case. I totally recommend Joel Rothman’s legal practice!
A Business Client

One Outstanding Lawyer

My experience with Attorney Joel Rothman was extremely positive. He truly cares about his clients. I would wholeheartedly recommended to anyone requiring legal assistance.
Richard, a Litigation Client

Peace of mind after 5 years of legal dispute and financial hardship

Joel and his team are extremely knowledgeable and professional. My case dealt with multiple parties across multiple states and dealt with legal issues at both the state and federal level. As a result of so many variables, having an attorney like Joel to represent my family was crucial as we had no idea what to do. We followed the guidance of Joel’s team and after 5 years of enduring the legal process, we were able to put an end to an issue that brought my family to financial ruin. Thank you Joel for your hard work, dedication and for helping us move on with our lives. If I ever find myself in such a legal situation again – I’ll contact you with no hesitation.
Tom, an Intellectual Property Client

Consider yourself lucky if he is your Counsel!

Joel, has changed my opinion about legal professionals in a very positive way. He reached out to help over 20 people in a complex litigation case. He has worked very hard for us for over five years on a federal case which was successfully appealed and ended with a fruitful settlement. I have enough legal research background to understand what resources he had to pour in this case. The claims, selection of expert witnesses, conducting discovery, mediation all were well thought out, planned and organized with precision which reminded to a well designed science project. Most attorneys would have given up our case and would not taken it to appeal with the financial resources we had. He did not, in spite of the difficulties to deal with some of us. He is not only an amazing attorney, but also a human with integrity rare to find. Thank you Joel!
Janos, an Investment Fraud Client

Review of Joel Rothman

Joel is hard-working, honest and communicative. I appreciate his efforts to pursue the objective at hand and to develop creative solutions, sometimes on his feet, in the middle of the situation. He is also a nice guy, a combination not always easy to find.
Don, a Real Estate Client

One “Above the cut” Lawyer!

Joel has been with us on our case for over five gruesome years. He kept us informed and educated throughout the entire process. We truly believe that we can never find another lawyer with the same energy level than Joel, good times and bad…! We will certainly hire Joel again and will use any services that he recommends.
Ken, a Fraud Client