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20110213194646!United_States_Bankruptcy_Court_SealDietary supplement manufacturers and retailers looking for a great deal on valuable trademarks and domain names take heed! A bankruptcy sale has been scheduled for April 19, 2006 at 10:00 am in the case In re: Diet Depot, Inc..

Up for grabs are two trademarks for DIET DEPOT for 1) a retail food store featuring vitamins and dietary supplements, and 2) vitamins and dietary supplements. Also for sale are the domains dietdepot.com and dietdepot.net.

As marks go, the DIET DEPOT marks appear to have significant value. The mark for the retail food store (Reg. 2418917) has already achieved incontestable status, and the other mark (Reg. 2513234) will be incontestable in November of this year. Here are links for the marks at the USPTO: DIET DEPOT (retail food store featuring vitamins and dietary supplements); DIET DEPOT (vitamins and dietary supplements).

The domains look like good domains too. Only 9 characters long with two good, descriptive english words in them making search engine optimization considerably easier. Nothing posted on the site presently so you have a clean canvas to work with.

The auction is being conducted by counsel to the Trustee, Marc P. Barmat, Esq., of the well respected bankruptcy firm Furr & Cohen. If you are interested, to read the Trustee’s Proposed Notice of Intention to Sell click here. You can also contact Mr. Barmat directly at his firm. Marc’s contact information is in the notice and linked to above.

Good luck bidding!


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