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Your intrepid apps law bloggers, the iFart lawyers, were there in spirit last night when Wyatt Cenac asked, incredulously, whether iFart and Pull My Finger had “real attorneys….jewish attorneys?”

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Besides ROFL, the team of Houchin and Rothman are pleased to report that we are at least 50% real attorneys, and after Houchin’s bar mitzvah this weekend we will be 100% real.

Kevin says it well over at HouchinLaw:

What does all this prove? It proves that a laugh is worth at least a buck. iFart Mobile sells for $0.99 on the App Store. I don’t know the exact sales numbers, but I’m betting over 500,000 people have purchased the app by now.


It also shows that when you become wildly successful with a creative endeavor, there is going to be something that comes along to complicate the success. In this case it was a competitor. It seems like there is always some price for success.

Thank goodness iFart had some real attorneys for this one.  Stay tuned for more fun.


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