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A new app has been developed for the iPhone that connects people’s faces to their names by using photos from their LinkedIn accounts.  The app is called Learn That Name.

It was created by Eric Koester, an associate at the law firm of Cooley Godward Kronis LLP.  He thought of the idea while attending a weekend retreat for aspiring entrepreneurs at Microsoft‘s campus and essentially created it on the spot with the help from some others.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the app is more or less a game to help you remember who people are in your social network. According to the ABA Journal news, the app pulls a photo from the users LinkedIn account and then asks the user to name that person from a list of four names to choose from.  There is a point system for correct matches, timeliness in answering, and additional points for identifying that person’s employer.

Although Apple takes 30 percent of the royalties, Koester and the people who helped him create the app stand in line to each get about $7,000.  Not bad for one day’s work, even for an attorney.


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