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Tim Langdell

Video game maker EDGE GAMES has convinced Apple to remove iPhone puzzle game Edge from the App Store based upon claims of trademark infringement.  To read the article, click here.

Owner of EDGE GAMES, Tim Langdell, has been universally derided on blogs over his agressive trademark claims.  Here are some examples on Kotaku, TIGSource, and Cult of Mac.  The general consensus is that EDGE GAMES, which has not released a game in years, is misusing its TM rights and behaving like a troll.  The blogs assert that Langdell has not produced a game in 15 years yet sits on the International Gaming Developers Association board of directors.

According to FingerGaming, Mobigame has been served with a draft complaint from an attorney representing Langdell and Edge Games.  FingerGaming also says a second indie iPhone developer who shall remain nameless has received a cease and desist letter from Langdell.

TIGSource has pulled together an impressive collection of resources on Langdell who it accuses of having “abused the law and employed underhanded business tactics for 30 years for his own personal gain and at the expense of honest and hard-working developers.”


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